Do you need inspiration for yourself and your employees? Do you need an inspiring “icing on the cake” for a conference or congress? Does your strategic workshop need a catalyst to initiate a creative process?

Then a key note is exactly the right tool. Take advantage of Jürn Schmidt and Gerd Wirtz and be inspired by their rousing presentations.

True Communication

With truthful communication to lasting corporate success. 

There is too much lying on German management floors. Almost half of German employees do not always feel truthfully informed and mistrust their superiors. Successful cooperation cannot grow on this basis. Find out how you can sustainably increase employee productivity with an early, open and dialogical information policy.

Emotional leadership

Neuroscience proves that 95% of our decisions are made emotionally and then rationally justified. We cannot change this because it is part of our genetic blueprint from an evolutionary perspective. So it doesn’t help to ignore emotionality in business life. Quite the opposite. If you quickly recognize your own emotions and those of your fellow human beings, you can control them and use them positively. How can you do this? Find out more in an entertaining presentation, in which many of your actions and reactions will be explained by neurophysiologist Dr. Gerd Wirtz in a professional, but also tongue-in-cheek manner.

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