It is always fascinating for us and for our clients what a methodically good coaching can set in motion and what convincing effectiveness it has. This is exactly what coaching is always about: setting something in motion and achieving lasting effectiveness! 

This motivates us – as your sparring partner or coach – to approach your issue with a sympathetic yet constructively critical eye and to work with you to find the best and most suitable solution for you! 

This is where our coaching role begins for you. We support you with a wealth of experience, methodical know-how and empathy for you and your issue,

  • achieve more clarity in your thoughts and in reflecting on your issues
  • organize and redefine your personal, professional or entrepreneurial goals and then achieve them with great and lasting motivation
  • gain certainty in the question: Where do I stand today, where do I want to go? And above all: Why do I want this? 
  • recognize and increase your impact on your employees as a top manager and to apply this authentically

By definition, professional coaching is “influencing without content”. What does that mean?   In contrast to traditional consulting, in which specific advice is asked for and the consultant gives this advice based on his or her expertise or experience, coaching is not about receiving advice from the coach. It is about finding out together with the coachee what he or she really wants.  It is essential that the coach separates themselves from their own perspective (map of their own value system) during the coaching session. We focus on methodically identifying the coachee’s potential for a specific topic and transforming it into effective, motivated action. The coach is the manager of the coaching process. He supports through neutrality and does not evaluate, but has only one agenda: to make the client successful! The coaching is individually tailored to the needs of the coachee and at the same time follows a common thread.

The five elementary process steps of coaching are as follows:

Phase I: Building trust between you and us and clarifying whether this basic prerequisite for successful collaboration is in place.

Phase II: We sharpen your concerns by transforming them into a concrete goal. Together, we formulate your challenge into a goal – and support you in achieving it.

Phase III: In this phase, we work out the various paths that can lead you to your goal. Very rarely is there only one way! As a rule, there are various alternatives and we select the one that suits you best.

Phase IV: We do the “system check”. This means that we check which “stumbling blocks” might lie along the chosen path and make sure that they are cleared out of the way.

Phase V: Finally, we agree on concrete first steps, measures or decisions that will get you on your way! 

“The path slips under the feet of the walker…” (“Courage” by Martin Walser )

We are not only convinced of this – we experience it every day with our clients. We know the situation and emotional world of our clients from our own experience and therefore know what it feels like to be “lonely at the top”. Our motivation is to accompany you a good part of the way. Your concerns and your personality are our top priority. Between coaching sessions, we are almost always available for you during the mandate – even at weekends. Whether at our office in Hamburg or at your location: We come to you personally and stay in contact with you for a long time after the coaching process has ended!

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